Become An Ambassador

At "ANUARTSTORE", we work with women who are seeking to find a livelihood and are trying to be economically independent. Our products help secure freedom, dignity, and self-respect for every woman we employ.
You can have a substantial impact on the lives of these women who need your support, by spreading the word and inviting others to shop our beautiful, handmade products.

Whether gathering friends at home, hosting a virtual party, sharing on social media, or holding an event in the community, ANUARTSTORE Ambassadors mobilize others to join, in Bringing Hope and Freedom to these women.

Ambassadors can select from any of the below given types of parties and our team will gladly help make your event a great success!

  •  In-person parties or events in your home, workplace, or in your community
  • Virtual parties held over Zoom or any other virtual video platform

While we work with the women to train and teach them how to craft the jewelry and other items like handbags etc, the Ambassadors help spread the word and tell their story to the world. The Ambassadors become a member of our family and as our way of saying “Thank you”, you will receive special rewards and opportunities.  We appreciate your commitment and Respect our Ambassadors.

Together, we’re bringing new hope and new beginnings to empower these beautiful women .

Hope Ambassadors | The Details

We understand every Ambassador is unique, with different requirements, schedules, needs, and varied communities. To help inspire every type of Ambassador, we are offering 2 different options for Ambassador parties and events.

In-Person Option

Bring people together to see and touch the beautiful products our artisans make.  We send an assortment of our best products (including exclusive designs not available on our website) for you to showcase and sell. We also send tips, talking points, free shipping codes for online orders, and more.

Once the event is complete, you return unsold product (we cover shipping), and we celebrate your success!

Virtual Option

Gather friends & family over a simple video call.
Virtual packages include tips, talking points, product highlights, giveaways, shopping links, and free shipping codes.

We'll help you share briefly about our organization and our collection over the video conferencing platform of your choice, and then you invite guests to shop directly on our website